January 2021   Two Rivers Gallery, Conversations with Landscapes, (Exhibition) Prince George, BC

November 2019 (UViC) University of Victoria, Victoria, BC: Visiting Scholar, Research: Conversations with Landscape

March 9- 16th 2020    Circuit-Est – Studio Jeanne-Renaud, Research-Creation Residency, Conversations with Landscapes: Immersive Environment & Performance Montreal, QC, Canada

2018-2019  ZYUD: Maastricht Academy of Media and Design, Maastricht, Netherlands, Postdoctoral Research: Conversations with Landscapes

2018    Eastern Edge, Conversations with Landscape, Saint John’s NL, Canada

January 30th – February 6th , 2016 O V A L ’University of The Arts, Sibelius Academy, In collaboration with Otso Lahdeoja,, public presentation‘O V A L’ is a collaboration between Lenka Novakova and Otso Lahdeoja developed with the support of Hexagram, presented in 2013 in the Hexagram Black box and Currents International Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2014. 

Concept/Description: O V A L is a large-scale installation combining glass, sound and light into a multimodal sculptural space. 10 glass sheets (190 x 60 cm) are hung from the ceiling, forming an oval shape (12m x 5m). 10 large sheets of glass are hanging in a dark room. The glass sheets vibrate and emit sound, forming a spatial polyphony of sonic objects. Video footage of the spectators themselves is projected on the glass sheets, creating a maze of self-portrait reflections and transparencies. The spectator is immersed into a chimerical space of sonic and visual illusions.

01/07 – 01/08. 2016 La Mama Umbria, Passing Through the Imaginary Door, Director’s Symposium, Spoleto, Italy

5-8 November, 2015 Media Art Histories: Recreate 2015,  Re-Create: Theories, Methods and Practices of Research-Creation in the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, ‘F O L D: Space as Performance,’Concordia University, Montreal,

8-9 June, 2015

CONTEMP Art 15, Contemporary Art Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, ‘F O L D Space as Performance’

1 – 25 August 2018 Field Research Newfoundland (Coast)

5-10 June 2018 Field Research Switzerland (Lakes)

09-09-12/ 2018 Field Research Maine (Coast)

June 1st – June 4th, 2015 6th Annual Conference of Visual and Performing Arts, Athens, Greece, ‘Space as Performance: Optical Architectures of Cinematic Spaces’

 April 8th – April 11th, 2015  Institute of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Re-visioning Space(s), Time and Bodies Conference, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, ‘Unfolding Baroque: F O L D – Performative Environment and Performance’

 March 13th – March 14th, 2015 Re-Originality: Concordia’s 2015 Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Lighting Round, Concordia University, Montreal, 2015‘F O L D: Space as Performance’

April 20th – May 10th, 2015 ‘PARE’, Residency with TML (Topological Media Lab), April 20th – May 10th Hexagram Black Box, Montreal. Research project: ‘Reflective Space, In junction with developing scenographies for Title 66 Productions,

‘Reflective Space’ is a working title of a new research project exploring performative elements of an environment, as an ephemeral and poetic landscape where light, sound and movement along with thin water surface form an actual architectural space. Layers and transparencies of ephemeral optical architectures interlaced with movement of bodies are constantly shaping and reshaping the performative nature of the environment. ‘Reflective Space’ attempts to combine three types of Spaces: ‘Cinematic Space,’  ‘Scenographic Space,’ and ‘Corporal Space’ into one performative unity where the technology along with the elements become the extension of the ‘self’ and the ‘other’ as spatial performance and environment.  The prototype developed during the P A R E residency in the Black Box is the first step of a new forwardlooking research of  performative elements for ‘Reflective Space’ (2015-2016). Specific research elements will be also formed in junction with developing scenographies and scenographic studies for ‘Nuclear Sky’ and include creative discussions and experiments with the involved designers and researchers: Joe Browne, Omar Faleh, Cédric Delorme-Bouchard, and Nikolaos Chandolias.Elements developed specifically for the ‘Nuclear Sky’ will appear in scenography which will be further designed exclusively for Title66 Productions, and presented at ‘Theatre Rouge de Conservatoire’ Montreal, Quebec, June 3 – 7, 2014. 

March 5th, 2015

Hexagram, 180 SEC, Concordia University, Montreal, QC Research-Creation Talk

January – March, 2015

Theatre Gargantua, Round Table, Toronto, ON, Canada

F O L D:  Performative Environment and Performance: Agora Hydro-Québec du pavillion Cœur des sciences; 175  avenue du Président-Kennedy, Montréal (Québec) H2X3P2

Lenka Novakova

in collaboration with: Otso Lahdeoja, Navid Navab, Omar Faleh, Joe Browne

NOVEMBER 6TH   6:30 pm – 9:30 pm  (6 pm artist talk / meet the team / 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm vernissage)
NOVEMBER 7TH   6:30 pm – 9:30  pm

For reservations: please reserve in advance at: 

More info: www.beet.local/clean_site/wordpress/fold

‘Merging powerful optical architectures, compositions of structure born sound, and the aesthetics of chiaroscuro image,  ‘F O L D’  envelops the spectator  in the performative,  theatrical and  cinematic  experience of self and the other.’

  ‘F O L D’ as a platform for interdisciplinary approaches to ‘performance’ and ‘performative environment’ is a ‘stage of an exhibition’; it’s a ‘cinema’; it’s a ‘concert’ and in one instance we may say it’s a ‘contemporary dance’

 The soul is the expression of the world (actuality), but because the world is what the soul  express (virtuality). (Deleuze 1988, 28)

 …The problem is not how to finish a fold but how to continue it, to have it go through the ceiling, how to bring it to infinity. (Deleuze 1988 ,141) 


Date of Creation: 11/2014
© Lenka Novakova 11/2014

Lenka Novakova:  Concept / Direction

Otso Lahdeoja:  Music / Sound Composition
Navid Navab:   Image / Interactive design
Joseph Browne: Interactive Sound
Omar Faleh: Mapping / Consultation/ Interactive design
Movement Coordinator: Mayra Morales
Event Coordinator: Pamela Tudge
Event Assistant:Jennifer Poohachoff, Julie Caron
Graphic Designer: Alena Nová
Technical Assistance: Pietro Cerone
Ted Stafford: Light Tech
Web. Assistance: Natalie Fletcher

Special Thanks: Matralab http://matralab.hexagram.caChris Salter, Sandeep Bhagwati, Marielle Nitoslawska
Pietro Cerone, Jason Pomrenski, Carl Aksynczak, JJ Hector, Hugues Tremblay Manigouche, Natalie Fletcher, Julie Caron, Espace VERRE-MTL.& Francis R. Anjo



Lenka Novakova & Otso Lahdeoja   Interactive New Media Installation  Currents 2014 @
El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe Friday June 13th – Sunday June 29

Ten large sheets of glass hang in a dark room. They vibrate and emit sound, forming a spatial polyphony of sonic objects. Video footage of the spectators themselves is projected on the glass sheets, creating a maze of self-portrait reflections and transparencies. The spectator is immersed into a chimerical space of sonic and visual illusions
Year of cration 2012/2014
© Lenka Novakova & Otso Lahdeoja 2013
Concept / Creation: Lenka Novakova & Otso Lahdeoja
Funded by Hexagram Ciam, with the support of Metralab


Historical Hospital Kuks, Kuks, Czech Republic, Audio-visual installation and Performance: ‘In between the Light and Darkness’ 2013 Research Creation,

‘In Between The Light and Darkness’ is an audio-visual installation and performance designed specifically for the Historical Hospital Kuks and it’s interiors sheltering 22 baroque statues, by M. Braun, who in the 17th century baroque embodied and carved allegories of Virtues and Vices in local sandstone. The work was developed in collaboration with Otso Lahdeoja, Finish composer and a post doctoral fellow at Matralab, Omar Faleh and a technical team. In this installation elaborate light and sound compositions are centered around the two long water channels which divide the space and function as a light reflector along two long rows of statues. Powerful transducers resonate the water surface and light compositions aimed at the water create mesmerizing light patterns animating the statues. Central statue of Religion is dressed in light and darkness and by mapping technologies the entire corps of the statues is dressed with poems reflecting each characters. The poems are seen on the statue, reflected in the water and animated on the ceiling of the hospital.

Year of creation 2012-2013

© Lenka Novakova 08/2013


Lenka Novakova: direction/concept
Otso Lahdeoja – Music Composition / sound
Julie Dunlop – Poetry
Omar Faleh – Light and computer design

Special thanks to: Historical Hospital Kuks and Libor Svec (kastelan) and staff.
Very special thanks to my family, friends and neighbours.

Sound: ………. Otso Lahdeoja
Poetry: ………… Julia Dunlop
Theater/Light Technician: ……….. Petr Zima
Max MSP…………………………………..…Omar Faleh, Stanislav Abrham
Installation Technician…………..……Vojtech Dvorak
Pool Inlay Technician……………..…. Petr Rehak
Graphic Design………………………….Alena Nova
Installation assistance……………….Martina Prochazkova

Baroque Quintet Orchestra:

(Klara Homonaiova (1.violin), Natsuko Brouckova (2nd violin), Lenka Maierova (viola), Tomoko Wiedswand Kanda (violoncello), Victor Martinek (double bass), Solists: Lucie Pavlikova (violin), Michaela Pitrova

Founded by Quebec Art Council, with the support of Light Design Prague, Historica Hospital Kuks