Works - Public Space

In Between The Light and Darkness

Historical Hospital Kuks, Kuks, Czech Republic, Audio-visual installation in collaboration with Otso Lahdeoja ‘In between the Light and Darkness’ 2013 Research Creation Grant, CALQ 2012 – 2013 CONCEPT: ‘In Between The Light and Darkness’ is an audio-visual installation and performance designed specifically for the Historical Hospital Kuks and it’s interiors sheltering 22 baroque […]

Where Are you Going Ray?

The Merc Building interpretation of “Where are you going Ray?” consists of an outdoor public projection onto the windows of the building. We attempt to employ the arched windows facing the street level in the video projection. Projectors are to be placed within the interior of the building and generate projected moving images on the […]

In Between The Light and Darkness

In Between the Light and Darkness is an ongoing series of works exploring physical and metaphorical properties of light. The project, which will materialize in a form of a site-specific, interactive installation and performance in 2013, builds on an extensive research, conducted with the support of Quebec Art Council in 2012. The research is grounded […]

Johnson Flood 1927

During Thursday night it was estimated that nearly 300 people were wandering around over the hills above the village to be in safety from the extra large volume of water which it was reported was coming down the river, following the false rumor that Caspian lake and the Morrisville dams had broken loose…This site specific […]

We were there…(just could not hear each other)

Site specific poem – Project in collaboration with poets at Johnson Studio Centre exploring the passing of time, ephemeral moments of poets’ breath and longings for the distant and unreachable within the “unbearable lightness and bearings of being”. One evening performance consisting of video projection onto the silos and audio within.