Research and Teaching

Research Interests

 As an artist, researcher and educator I situate my work on the borders of (scenography) in theatre, (expanded cinematic screen) in cinema and (installation art) in visual arts. My work exists within these margines as scenographic environments and performances defined as a construct of human and non-human agency (further defined as materials, architectural structures, recorded and real-time audiovisual media, audiences and/or performers). I explore these areas through research, practice, writing and lecture.

My research interests revolve around 1) The development of immersive, interactive, participatory environments; 2) The role of technology in performance space; 3) The exploration of materials and rethinking their roles as performative agents; 4) The investigation of audience participation in scenographic environments; and 5) The development of interactive audio-visual systems.

As a practitioner, I’m concerned with an ephemeral poetic quality, reflective thought and a moment of recreation through constructed environments, simple technologies and moving light; with crossover in cinema and theatre technologies. Within these foundations I explore qualities of space as a platform of possibilities in the process of rethinking the traditional divisions of space in both theatre and exhibition. Through my installation projects, performances and research, I question how the work exists in these contexts and how its dissemination affects the perception of the viewer.

Using the tools of cinema and theatre I design visual poems as hybrid forms of theatre and exhibition. A human form appears in my projects since 2012. I began to work with trained and untrained performers and directed and choreographed, improvised or invisible performances in the attempt to envelop movement and gesture within the interactive architecture of spaces that I create. I like to think that the audiences of my installations find themselves in a realm of their own imaginary world and I understand my work as a channel to the perceptual experience of the viewer. In this sense, the conceptual frames of my work function as a mirror to a visual poem. One can either enter or choose to reflect upon one’s own gaze at its surface.

Most recently, I have engaged in subjects exploring the landscape as performance. These are divided thematically into two streams: 1) Conversations with Landscape: Lakes, Skies and the Weather; and 2) Conversations with Landscape: The Ocean and the Weather.


The Scenographic Unfolding: Performance of Immersive, Interactive and Participatory Environments (2018) Ph.D. Thesis, Concordia University, The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, Montreal, QC, Canada.

 F O L D: Unfolding Baroque (Space as Performative Environment and Performance) April 9-11, 2015, Re-visioning Space (s), Time, Body, Institute of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Australian Hub, New South Wales State Library, Sydney Australia

Athens, Greece, ‘Space as Performance: Optical Architectures of Cinematic Spaces,’ ATINER 6th Annual Conference of Visual and Performing Arts, June 1st – June 4th, 2015. 

‘F O L D: Space as Performance’ CONTEMP Art 15, Contemporary Art Conference, DAKAM Istambul, Turkey, 8 – 9 June, 2015, June 1st – June 4th, 2015 6th Annual Conference of Visual and Performing Arts, Athens, Greece, ‘Space as Performance: Optical Architectures of Cinematic Spaces’

Unfolding Baroque: Perception in the Mirror, Research Paper, April 2014

Unfolding Baroque: Perception in Between Two Mirrors, Research Paper, April 2014

TEACHING (please, contact me for students work or scroll down for selected samples)

2019 – 2020  Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY, USA  Undergraduate Course: Digital Media: Time and Image (Hands-on/Seminar course focused on the consideration of public space in team-based approach to creative strategies in moving image designs and mapping).

Dec 2018 – 2019 ZYUD – Maastricht Academy of Technology and Design, Maastricht Graduate Course: MFA II. Beyond the Performance of Urban Landscape (Hands-on/Seminar course exploring the expanded notions of performance and the integration of performance strategies in research and practice)

Graduate Course: MFA I. Mentorship (assisting graduate students with the development of their practice and research, acting as a mentor in liaison with the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea – consulting students’ internships).

August 2018 Eastern Edge Gallery, Saint John, Newfoundland, Canada Holdfast Festival. Workshop: Landscape as Performance (Working with local residents and performers on concepts of landscape as performance: collecting stories related to land and developing interactive designs)

July-August 2016  La Mama Umbria, Spoleto, Italy. Workshop: Immersive Theatre & Interactive Media  (Working with theatre directors on developing interactive strategies for projection of scenographic designs)

Sep 2014 – May 2015, Concordia University – Fine Arts Design and Computation Arts, Montreal, QC. Teaching Assistantship: Undergraduate Course: CART 411, Design for The Senses co-teaching with Dr. Chris Salter (Hands-on seminar course focused on developing production strategies for collaborative approach to creative projects aimed to engage the senses in artistic considerations)

Jun 2011 – Jun 2011, Kunstnarhuset Messen Alvik, Norway, Workshop: Light and Interactive Media (Hands-on workshop introducing the engagement of live-feed (open-circuit) media in material design and interaction)

2011 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Workshop: Light and Interactive Media (Hands-on workshop introducing the engagement of live-feed in material design and interaction connected with studio visits and mentorship of undergraduate studio work)

Jul 2010 – Aug 2010 University of Dayton, Dayton, OH, USA, Visiting Artists / Professor. Interactive Media: Site & Performance, (Development of a site-specific performance in collaboration with the UD students – Blue Sky Project).

Sep 2009 – May 2010 Concordia University – Fine Arts, Montreal, QC. Teaching Assistantship,  Undergraduate Course: Introduction to Digital Media

Sep 2008 – May 2009, Concordia University – Fine Arts Montreal, QC. Teaching Assistantship: TA Undergraduate Course: Ceramics and Mold-making (hands-on studio course)

Sep 2007 – May 2008 Concordia University – Fine Arts Montreal, QC, Teaching Assistantship, Undergraduate Course: Fibre Structures I. and II. (hands-on studio course focus on weaving techniques)

Please contact me for student’s work (MFA studios, Maastricht)


2018   Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK Space as Performance: Between Scenography and Installation Arts, UAL Conference: Theatre and Performance Design Pedagogy: best practice now and strategies for the future

2017    Retzhof Castle, Austria Conversations with Landscape: Lakes IUGTE, International Conference “Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity”

2017   Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada Conversations with Landscape: Lakes MDes Colloquium, Hexagram,

2016   Retzhof Castle, Styria Province, Austria Performative Space IUGTE, International Conference “Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity”

5-8 November, 2015      Media Art Histories: Recreate 2015,  Re-Create: Theories, Methods and Practices of Research-Creation in the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, ‘F O L D: Space as Performance,’ Concordia University, Montreal,

8-9 June, 2015, CONTEMP Art 15, Contemporary Art Conference, Istanbul, Turkey,     ‘F O L D  Space as Performance’

June 1st – June 4th, 2015, 6th Annual Conference of Visual and Performing Arts, Athens, Greece, ‘Space as Performance: Optical Architectures of Cinematic Spaces’

 April 8th – April 11th, 2015, Institute of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Re-visioning Space(s), Time and Bodies Conference, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, ‘Unfolding Baroque: F O L D – Performative Environment and Performance.’ 

 March 13th – March 14th, 2015 Re-Originality: Concordia’s 2015 Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, Lighting Round, Concordia University, Montreal, 2015   ‘F O L D: Space as Performance’

March 5th, 2015, Hexagram, 180 SEC, Concordia University, Montreal, QC Research-Creation Talk

January – March, 2015, Theatre Gargantua, Round Table, Toronto, ON, Canada

April, 2014,  PQ – Shared Space: Spatial Curation Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic, ‘Performative Space’

February, 2013 Brown Bag, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada, ‘Research Talk’

September, 2012  Matralab, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Research Talk

2011       Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, Research Talk

2011       Sunny Fredonia, Fredonia, NY, USA, Research Talk

2011       University of Wisconsin, WI, USA, Research Talk

2011       University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, (Witt Residency Program) MI, USA



2018     A3-Lab: University of Maine, USA

2018     Eastern Edge Gallery, Saint John, NL, Canada

2017     Colloquium, Hexagram, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada

2016     La Mama Umbria, Director’s Symposium, Spoleto, Italy

2016     University of The Arts, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, FN

2015     Hexagram, 180 SEC, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2015     Theatre Gargantua, Round Table, Toronto, ON, Canada

2014       Agora Hydro Quebec, UQAM Coeur de Sciences, Montreal, QC, Canada

2014       Currents 2014, Sante Fe New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

2013       Morlan Gallery, Mitchell Fine Arts Center, Transylvania University, USA

2013       WKP Kennedy Art Gallery, North Bay, ON, Canada

2012       Centre d’exposition L’Imagiere, Gatineu, QC, Canada

2011       Artist Inc, Hamilton, ON, USA

2011       Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

2011       Gallerie Connexion, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

2011       Residency in Kunstnarhuset Messen,Alvik, Norway

2011       Santa Fe Art Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

2011       Bain Saint Michel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2011       Espace F & Gallerie D’Art Matane, Matane, QC, Canada