Day by Day…

8 glass sheets 4’ x 3’ suspended from the ceiling creating a central architecture structure serving as both a reflector and refractor of the moving image. 4 source projectors are aimed at the glass structure, projecting reversed / negative images of boats appearing and disappearing in the landscape of water and fog. Prisms installed in front of the projectors bring in a rainbow once in a while and the live camera  feed distributes images of the viewer throughout the installation blurring the projected shadow of the visitor with the ambiguous landscape of the wandering boats.

The work was developed during my residency at USF Verfted Bergen, Norway, where in my studio with a  wrought iron balcony with a large view out to the fjord I  installed and filmed numerous boats leaving and coming back to the harbour for the period of 30 days. Each nearly 20 hour day seemed lasting lasting to infinity…often blurring the horizon between the sky and the water with falling fog, dusk and dawn…never really turning a day into night time..


Technical Information:

Multiple glass sheets (8 sheets 4’ x 3’), suspension structures
4 projectors
4 DVD players of Mac mini (DVD loop 5 min)


Date of Creation 2012
Concept / Creation: Lenka Novakova

Photo/Video Credit © Lenka Novakova

Selected Exhibitions

2012 -10
Centre d’exposition L’Imagiere, Gatineu, QC, Canada
Three person exhibition, Pavitra Wickramasinghe, Lenka Novakova and Gisela Restrepo,
Curated by Katarzyna Basta, Collaborateur: LAMIC (laboratoire de museologie et d’ingenierie de la culture)

USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway – research/creation residency
Production Project “Day to Day ”Exhibition with Kasia Basta at L’Imagier, Gatineu, QC