Deep Waters I.

In this installation I attempt to embrace a metaphorical nature of depth defined by cognition rather than definition. My interest is to articulate the preconceived notion of depth, which begins at the surface and continues to the imaginary dimensions of depth through the act of contemplation.


6 cylinders, 5’ diameter each, fabricated in 1/8” steel, positioned on the floor, each filled with water. Above every pool there is a 2’ acrylic cylinder, installed in the ceiling, alternatively, there may be a pluming structure installed where possible, releasing a drip of water every 5 seconds. The drips fall to the pools with gentle tipping sound, breaking the water surface into ripples, which are being projected, in their enlarged form through a light reflection onto white velum screens. Viewers are invited to walk in between the pools or sit on benches to experience the phenomena.

Technical Information:

- 6 theatre lights
- double sided velum screens


Date of Creation: 2005

Lenka Novakova: Creation / Concept
Francis Anjo: Technical Assistance

Selected Exhibitions

NAC (Niagara Artist Run Centre), Saint Catherines, ON, Canada
PAFA Museum of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, USA


© Lenka Novakova 2005