Deep Waters II.

In Deep Waters I attempt to communicate the notion of depth and consequently the notion of fall through use of multiple projection screens fabricated to layer the projected image and recreate qualities of water surface. The projected image captures repeated action of rocks falling in the calm night river, breaking the water surface into a pulsating ripple of light, before it proceeds towards the dark bottom. My interest in depth primarily lies in the imaginative and psychological dimension of the unknown and the invisible. In this work I continue to explore these unmapped dimensions through means of visual perception and  illusion. Further, my interest is in exploring the concepts of space within the context of installation and projected image.  Space in the projected image of cinema exists in two created spaces: the illusionary space on the screen and the representation of the three-dimensional spaces of the real world. This division continues to position the viewer into a rather passive observer and turns my attention to challenging these established structures, within the notions of the avant-garde and expanded cinema, which continue to influence my practice.


8 min looped footage of rocks falling, in the middle of the night, into quiet Schuylkill River is projected throughout 8 large water like screens. Screens are fabricated in monofilament, weaved in-between two aluminum bars 8’x 8’, set in a row, 3 foot apart to create multiple, repetitive images. Viewers-participants are invited to walk around and in between the screens. After 8 minutes the DVD returns the screens back to calm, uninterrupted water surface of the night.


Technical Info:

8 screens 8’ x 8’ (stretched in-between the floor and ceiling)

2 projectors (same resolution/lumens)
1 DVD (audio and video) 8 minutes looped
(darkened gallery space installation of black fabric)


Date of Creation: 2005

Lenka Novakova - Concept/Creation
Marinko Jareb - Audio
Francis Anjo - Technical support

Photo/Video Credit © Lenka Novakova

Special Thanks to: Francis Anjo

© Lenka Novakova 2005

Selected Exhibitions

Niagara Artist Company, St. Catherine’s, Canada,
PAFA Museum of Fine Arts, Philadelphia,
Definitely Superior, Thunder Bay, ON, Canadawww.definitelysu
Ed Video, Edifying Edifice, Festival of Moving Image, Guelph, ON, Canada
Espace F, Matane, QC, Canada


© Lenka Novakova 2005