Deja Vu II.

The project is an interactive video installation. It questions one’s position within the surrounding environment and transforms the space of the gallery into a place that appears familiar yet distant. It invites the participants for an examination of their own image, its position within the created architectural space, and the reflection of it and self.

Projected Images of long dark hallways from Eastern State Penetentiary create illusion of architectural space along the walls of the gallery. Spectators may engage in the play of scale and perspective within the limits and illusions of the projected and real architecture. They can also  engage with the installation of central sheets 4′ x 7′ of glass and dive into the play of the reflected and refracted images of self enveloped in the optical architecture of the space.


Technical Requirements:

Glass structures 4' x 7'
Theatre lights,
2 cameras (close circuit)
DVD loop (eastern penitentiary)
2 video projectors
2 slide projectors

Dimensions: Variable (depending on the space of the exhibition)


Date of Creation: 2010

Lenka Novakova: concept/creation

special thanks: La Chambre Blanche

Selected Exhibitions

La Chambre Blanche Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Production and Exhibition Residency

University of Wisconsin, Gallery La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
‘Have I been here before?’, ‘How far are we?’ Exhibition, Artist Lecture
and performance in collaboration with UW students, Curated by Binod Shrestha


© Lenka Novakova 2010