In Between The Light and Darkness

Historical Hospital Kuks, Kuks, Czech Republic, Audio-visual installation in collaboration with Otso Lahdeoja ‘In between the Light and Darkness’ 2013 Research Creation Grant, CALQ 2012 – 2013

CONCEPT: ‘In Between The Light and Darkness’ is an audio-visual installation and performance designed specifically for the Historical Hospital Kuks and it’s interiors sheltering 22 baroque statues, by M. Braun, who in the 17th century baroque embodied and carved allegories of Virtues and Vices in local sandstone. The work was developed in collaboration with Otso Lahdeoja, Finish composer and a post doctoral fellow at Matralab, Omar Faleh and a technical team. In this installation elaborate light and sound compositions are centered around the two long water channels which divide the space and function as a light reflector along two long rows of statues. Powerful transducers resonate the water surface and light compositions aimed at the water create mesmerizing light patterns animating the statues. Central statue of Religion is dressed in light and darkness and by mapping technologies the entire corps of the statues is dressed with poems reflecting each characters. The poems are seen on the statue, reflected in the water and animated on the ceiling of the hospital. The Project was finished with the support of CALQ and the Hospital Kuks.



DESCRIPTION: 2 water channels 42’ each, 23 pin spot lights, 23 halogen theatre lamps, 2 video projectors, 2 high-res surveillance cameras, 8 speakers, 2 transducers, 22 poems performed as a projected image, 22 baroque statues, site specific for The Baroque Historical Hospital Kuks, Czech Republic




Year of creation 2012-2013

Lenka Novakova - Concept/Direction
Otso Lahdeoja - Music Composition / sound
Julie Dunlop - Poetry
Omar Faleh - Light and computer design

Special thanks to: Historical Hospital Kuks and Libor Svec (kastelan) and staff.
Very special thanks to my family, friends and neighbours.

Sound: ………. Otso Lahdeoja
Poetry: ………… Julia Dunlop
Theater/Light Technician: ……….. Petr Zima
Max MSP…………………………………..…Omar Faleh, Stanislav Abrham
Installation Technician…………..……Vojtech Dvorak
Pool Inlay Technician……………..…. Petr Rehak
Graphic Design………………………….Alena Nova
Installation assistance……………….Martina Prochazkova

Baroque Quintet Orchestra:

(Klara Homonaiova (1.violin), Natsuko Brouckova (2nd violin), Lenka Maierova (viola), Tomoko Wiedswand Kanda (violoncello), Victor Martinek (double bass), Solists: Lucie Pavlikova (violin), Michaela Pitrova

with the support of Quebec Art Council, Light Design Prague, Historica Hospital Kuks

Photo and video Credit: © Lenka Novakova

Selected Exhibitions

Historical Hospital Kuks, Czech Republic, August 2013 -

Poems by Julie Dunlop:

Julie Dunlop is the author of Bending Back the Night and Faces on the Metro, chapbooks of poetry exploring both internal and external landscapes.  The recipient of several Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Contest awards, she has been awarded fellowships from Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and Vermont Studio Center.  Her poems have been published in a variety of journals, including Poet Lore, Threepenny Review, Atlanta Review, Cold Mountain Review, JAMA, North Carolina Literary Review, New Mexico Poetry Review, Harpur Palate, Elixir, Flyway, Baltimore Review, Appalachian Heritage, and the 2012 Hippocrates Prize Anthology. 

 © Lenka Novakova 2013




In Between The Light and Darkness

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In Between The Light and Darkness

In Between The Light and Darkness

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