My first House

My First House is an interactive video installation. It consists of a burned down architectural structure and video projections with an interactive component. The structure was disassembled on the bank of St. Laurence River in Saint Jean Port Joli, Quebec in Spring 2010 and transported into the gallery space. The structure is re-build within the interior of the gallery and becomes part of multiple video projection re-constructing the landscape and memories of time, which has passed. Part of the exhibition are additional items such as tools, furniture and other sculpture object which were part of the house interior once used as sculpture shop. Viewer is invited to walk throughout the installation space and the house structure to observe his/her own projected image and shadows which appear to be part of projected water landscape which turns the space from flickering water landscape graduating from cold blue to burning red.


Technical Information:

Architectural elements
4 Projectors
4 Interactive Cameras
1 DVD loop


Lenka Novakova - Concept/Creation
Andrew Harder - Technical Assistance

Special thanks to: Est-Nord-Est at Saint Jean Port Joli
With the support of Canada Council for the Arts

Photo/Video Credit © Lenka Novakova

Selected Exhibitions

2010 - Oboro, Montreal, QC, Canada
Centre dedie a la production et a la presentation de l’art, des pratiques contemporaines et des nouveaux medias, Montreal, QC


My first house - Oboro

18 - OBORO - CIels et marées - Ma première maison -