River is a multi-channel video installation exploring the relationship between the visual perception and physical observation. It also explores relationship of light specified work and environment as well as relationship between object and viewer. The installation consists of multiple conic screens installed throughout the gallery forming an inward-directed space and creating the premise for a possibility of perception which encompasses viewers’ entire physical being. It attempts to transform the entire space into a submersive experience of a river current running through.


Conical screens are suspended from the ceiling structure on a grid leaving approximately 2′ space in-between for participants to walk comfortably within the ‘field’ of the installation. Multiple-channel video projection of a river current is being projected from 4 source projectors.



4 projectors
4 Dvd players
1 dvd (8 min loop)

36 conical glass structures


Date of Creation: 2009

Lenka Novakova: concept,creation

with the support of:
CIAM http://www.ciam-arts.org/
OAC http://www.arts.on.ca/site4.aspx

photo/video credit © Lenka Novakova

Selected Exhibitions

Fofa Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada fofagallery.concordia.ca/ehtml/2009/11lenkanovakova.h
Canada, Hexagram Black Box, Montreal, QC, Canada hexagram.concordia.ca
Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, On, Canada grimsbypublicartgallery.blogspot.ca
Estevan Art Gallery and Museum, Estevan, SK, Canada www.estevanartgallery.com
Gallery de Matane, Matane, Quebec, Canada http://www.galerieartmatane.org
Definitely Superior, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada http://www.definitelysuperior.com/
Musee d’Art Contemporain de Baie – Saint Paul, Quebec http://www.macbsp.com
WKP Kennedy Art Gallery, North Bay, On, Canada http://www.kennedygallery.org



Flowing light and illusion highlight EAGM exhibit | City | Estevan Mercury, Estevan, SK


© Lenka Novakova 2009