Time is Walking By…

‘Time is walking by’ is an installation, which employs multiple mirrors, as projection screens, to alter the projected video into an optical illusion and confuses the direction of the moving image. via the reflection and refraction. Multiple video screens were shot in Quebec City in early spring of 2010 by a double spiraled stairway which connects the Old and New town of Quebec. The moving image is carful documentation of a changing shadow of the staircase casted on a building, sidewalk or a road depending on the angle of the light at each specific hour I go to the site. The different time of the day changes the shape of the projected shadows but also changes the dynamics of the passer-byes. In parallel with different time they rush to work, walk with a friend or a group, stop at the top and over look the city…


Technical Information:

4 Mirrors 3’x 4’ placed in corners of the gallery

1 Mirror construction in the middle of the gallery

(Ceiling suspension)

4 projectors = 4 chanel dvd (8 min looped)
2 projectors – live camera


Lenka Novakova: Concept/Creation
Photo/Video Credit © Lenka Novakova

Selected Exhibitions

La Chambre Blanche Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Production and Exhibition Residency


© Lenka Novakova 2010