Where are you going Ray?

The Armory interpretation consists of a specific space within an alternative gallery where three rooms and the entry space create our exhibition. The space of this exhibition is divided into two spaces, the space of the actual interior of the rooms and space in front of the rooms. This division of space suggests an idea of a “stage” & ‘auditory’ and vice versa as an open concept for interpretation. We attempt to take the benefit of this situation and create a performance within the space of the three rooms also reflection of this performance within the installed screens placed in front of these three rooms. In this respect the Armory interpretation as site-specific video installation project is designed to question the collision of theatre and cinema within the context of visual art. It explores issues of appearance and concealment and transforms an installation as a visual art form into a temporal stage of a theatre. It also attempts to introduce an ephemeral concept of a screen within the realm of cinema.

Light/Projection: Both sections of the Armory space have a specific light situation where projectors and cameras are engaged to generate moving shadows as well as multiple reflections of the involved participants and viewers. We choose window blinds, which I feel are the visual phenomenon of many abandoned or empty spaces of the Dayton area, and convert the functionality of the blinds into an atypical form of a projection screen. Application of the blinds allows us to further manipulate the projected images and create an illusion of special movement by opening and closing the blinds. The act of opening and closing the blinds is a part of a performance, which activates and introduces the qualities of the space as a construction of an ephemeral illusion a dream of sorts. Further the viewers are invited to engage and interact with the installation once the performance culminates and opens the space for an interpretation of the viewer.


Technical Information:

40 Screens (window blinds)
4 Projectors
1 DVD loop
2 interactive cameras


Year of Creation 2010

Concept/Creation: Lenka Novakova
In collaboration with University of Dayton and the Blue Sky Project
Photo/Video Credit © Lenka Novakova

Selected Exhibitions

Blue Sky Project, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Project in collaboration with the University of Dayton and nine junior students
Exhibition at the University of Dayton Chapel, The Merc Building and UD Gallery Space