Where Are you Going Ray?

The Merc Building interpretation of “Where are you going Ray?” consists of an outdoor public projection onto the windows of the building. We attempt to employ the arched windows facing the street level in the video projection. Projectors are to be placed within the interior of the building and generate projected moving images on the windows within. This viewed from the street level will appear as white figures appearing form and disappearing back into the darkness. The images themselves in actuality are conversions of a negative shadow. While we are able to recognize each specific figure by gesture or an unique expressive movement we are not able to quite identify sharply each individual. The phenomenon and the unclear state of not knowing of what or at who one is looking at opens the possibility to consider the individual as an anonymous entity. It extends the idea to the interpretation of a broader philosophical question of “ who we are” “where we come from” and “ where we are going” The abstract quality of light also suggests a simple idea of windows being light up and/or darkened, which refers to the phenomenon of “the architecture of the night”. This simple idea indicates the night building as alive when windows light up (activities, dwellers, life, vibrancy) on the contrary to the night building “not alive/sleeping” sort of speak when the windows appear dark (no light, no visible activities, no life, dwellers, darkness, no vibrancy). This I consider a common phenomenon and larger problematic not only of the downtown Dayton but also other North American cities, as well as, globally.



Dimensions: Work is designed site specifically for the Merc Building
Technical Requirements:
3 projectors
9 channel video loop


Concept / Creation
In collaboration with University of Dayton, Blue Sky Project

Selected Exhibitions

Blue Sky Project, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Project in collaboration with the University of Dayton and nine junior students
Exhibition at the University of Dayton Chapel, The Merc Building and UD Gallery Space

© Lenka Novakova 2010